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The novelty of kitesurfing on Lake Garda

Try kite surfing on Lake Garda for guaranteed fun

Kite surfing is a new water sport born as a variant of traditional surfing, and you can try it out on Lake Garda, an ideal location thanks to the consistent winds. Right in Navene there is a designated area where you can take off from the beach in complete safety. This area is officially recognized and managed by a local kite surfing club.

The kite surfing school is on the beach in front of Hotel Sole and offers lift service, takes independent kiters to where there is the best wind, and you have full access to a trained person. For those who want to learn kitesurfing on Lake Garda, the school provides certified instructors who can teach you this extraordinary discipline safely in a brief time. 

Spend your holiday at Lake Garda and discover the excitement of kite surfing.