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Restaurant Navene Malcesine: flavours of Lake Garda

Menu for all tastes in the restaurant of Hotel Sole in Navene di Malcesine

At the restaurant of the Hotel Sole in Navene di Malcesine you can sample unique dishes while admiring beautiful Lake Garda which is right in front of you.

From breakfast, through lunch, the afternoon snack, all the way to dinner with a four-course menu: the restaurant of Hotel Sole in Navene Malcesine will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

We also thought of our little guests, creating a kid’s menu custom-made for them, full of goodies and their favourite foods.

Besides the restaurant, Hotel Sole in Navene Malcesine offers you a Lounge Cafè to eat a late breakfast or just to sip a coffee or tea while chatting with other guests.